A very schematic introduction to Precarias a la Deriva.  For a more narrative version, check out the text First Stutterings


What is Precarias a la Deriva?

-           20J 2002 general strike in Spain – picket-survey – irrelevance of strike both in method and in material

-           Need new tools: mapping the situation with an eye to conflict and intervention

-           Affective ground: networks to break solitude.  What we need.



-           Precariousness as a tentative category, an intuition.  Can we use this?

-           Departing from hypotheses of postfordism: from factory to metropolis

-           Certain feminist lessons

o        The personal is political

o        Care and the economy of care as central

o        Challenge to some divisions: Public/Private, Work/Life, Productive/Reproductive

-           Departing from ourselves: not an anthropological object


Precariousness in Feminine

-           Feminization of poverty

-           Crisis of care, absorption by women

-           Centrality of service/communications/care sectors, traditionally feminine: devenir feminino del trabajo?

-           A history of unrecognised, unstandardised, uncentralised, unsyndicalised work

-           Us, ourselves.


Method: how to approach all these things at once, and have fun?

-           the city and our spaces: continuum of life (time) moving through space

-           the tool of the situationist derive, its alteration

-           Attention to axes: mobility, income, knowledge, body, empresarial logic, conflict

-           Organized by sectors: which?


Limits and doubts

-           Validity of precariousness as a category: singularities and common places

-           Question of differences: status, resources, expectations…

-           Ay! Conflict, conflict…



-           Attention/Care/Sex continuum

-           The ‘type of work//type of conflict’ hypothesis

o        Repetitive work -> absentism

o        ‘fulfilling work” -> frustration with resources, struggle for improvement  ->absentism

o        invisible work-> recognition


Hopes and futures

-           Laboratorio de Trabajadoras?

-           Snowball effect.