Madrid City Council indifference leads to imminent eviction of  La Eskalera Karakola Feminist Social Center


As many of you already know for the last few years we have been demanding the expropriation of the building  number 40 Embajadores (Madrid), the present location of la Eskalera Karakola, with the aim of restoring once and for all this singular building and opening a feminist self-organized social centre in adequate conditions: a place for participation, politics, arts, co-operation, etc. for women. To realize this, a political commitment from the Council as well as an agreement with the buildingıs present owner is indispensable.


After all, hasnıt the City Council recently announced the expropriation of abandoned buildings? Havenıt they declared themselves sensitive to the housing issue, to the citizen participation issue, even to the womenıs issue? Havenıt they asserted, obviously just for advertising purposes, the importance of houses, social spaces and public installations? Or is the Plan Gallardón (promoted by Madridıs mayor) once again a big trick for the headlines without any concrete measures backing it?


Recently the owner of the building has broken negotiations with the Administration and is ready to sell to a private buyer, leaving us in the street and thus evicting a project which has been promoting feminist collective criticism and action for eight years.


There will be a trial and we will be imputed. What for? For use of the space, its partial restoration, various activities, uncertain experiments, an invitation to think and act upon life, the neighborhood, the city. And what will the penalty be? Invisibility, precariousness, speculation, sadness, unaffordable apartments in the city centre, dispersion?


We invite you to support our initiative and DEMAND INMEDIATE AND DEFINITIVE RELOCATION OF THE PROJECT, together with La Biblio in a  building with the characteristics that both projects need. And to report the celebrated Plan Gallardón as another big swindle of this politics of the spectacle.




September 2004


We ask you to spread this message and make a call to the Dept. of Urban Planning demanding a solution to this situation

tel. (0034) 915881215/ 915881180