The Hackmeeting 2012

De Hackmeeting

Hackmeeting 2012 - 13, 14 & 15 October

Let's get it rolling this year!

Calafou, Vallbona d'Anoia, Barcelona

What is a Hackmeeting?

Hackmeeting is a free and self-organised gathering around new technologies, their social implications, free circulation of knowledge and techniques, privacy, collective cretion, telematic conflict... It is for all those curious people that wish to share theri sills and experiences and live the process of coordination in a participative way amoug the others. Some workshops require advanced IT skills and some don't; and some are not even about IT.

What activities can you expect?

Talks, workshops, discussions and many other types of activities are called nodes. Have a look in our archives and see the materials registered during previous editions to get some idea what is it all about (if you find there any english material, link it here!).

All the nodes are held by the volunteers. Here is the programme.

To be done

  • How to get to the hackmeeting
  • Gather any possible english materials
  • Click on edit button and add more...

Other Hackmeetings: Italia, México, Chile, Bolivia. Porto.

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