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Frases falaces

  • Cutting people is a crime. Surgeons cut people. Therefore, surgeons are criminals
  • You claim that this man is innocent, but you cannot be trusted since you are a criminal as well
  • "You can't believe Jack when he says there isn't a God because he doesn't even have a job."
  • "Candidate Jane Jones's proposal X is ridiculous. She was caught cheating on her taxes in 2003."
  • "He's physically addicted to nicotine. Of course he defends smoking!”
  • "What do you know about politics? You're too young to vote!"
  • "You say that stealing is wrong, but you do it as well."
  • "He says we shouldn't enslave people, yet he himself owns slaves"
  • "You say the gap between the rich and poor is unacceptable, but communists also say this, and they believe in revolution. Thus, you believe in revolution."
  • "You say the gap between the rich and poor is unacceptable, but communists also say this, and therefore you are a communist. Communists are unlikeable, and therefore everything they say is false, and therefore everything you say is false."
  • "That man was smartly-dressed and charming, so I'll accept his argument that I should vote for him"
  • Aaron will make a good racing car driver, because his friend is a good racing car driver.
  • Citizens of Country X have won more nobel prizes/gold medals/literary awards than citizens of Country Y. Therefore, a citizen of Country X is superior to a citizen of Country Y.
  • "Basically everyone, economic experts included, supports the financial bailout and so must I."
  • Since most people in the world eat meat, there are no ethical issues involved in meat-eating.
  • Christianity is believed in by the greatest number of people in the world[2], so it must be true.
  • If you do not believe that Jesus is Lord, you will be denied entry into Heaven. Therefore, Jesus is Lord.
  • Every swan I have seen is white, so it must be true that all swans are white.)
  • Of course she is dumb, she is a woman.
  • If he's not inside, then he's outside. He's outside. Therefore, he's not inside.
  • If Queen Elizabeth is an American citizen, then she is a human being. Queen Elizabeth is not an American citizen.

Therefore, Queen Elizabeth is not a human being.

  • God exists, because the Word of God tells us so.
  • If today is Tuesday, then I will go to work. Today is Tuesday. Therefore, I will go to work.
  • Are you still beating your wife?
  • Would you be a nice guy and loan me five buck
  • Situationism is the intellectual framework of situationist movements such as the student protests in France in 1968
  • Our nation will prevail because God is great
  • More and more young people are attending high schools and colleges today than ever before. Yet there is more juvenile delinquency and more alienation among the young. This makes it clear that these young people are being corrupted by their education.
  • All students carry backpacks. My grandfather is a student. Therefore, my grandfather carries a backpack.
  • America will never settle down; look at the rabble-rousers who founded it
  • With a decrease in the number of pirates we have seen an increase in global warming over the same time period. Therefore, global warming is caused by a lack of pirates.
  • Women should stay at home, because women have always stayed at home
  • This is right because if you do not believe it, you will be harmed.
  • The student did exceptionally poorly last semester, so I punished him. He did much better this semester. Clearly, punishment is effective in improving students' grades.
  • You win the lottery jackpot. You are then charged with having cheated, for instance with having bribed lottery officials. At the trial, the prosecutor points out that winning the lottery without cheating is extremely unlikely, and that therefore your being innocent must be comparably unlikely.
  • If you want to lose weight, your best bet is to follow the latest diet."
  • Person A travels through Town X for the first time. He sees 10 people, all of them children. Person A returns to his town and reports that there are no adult residents in Town X.
  • All the band members (constituent parts) are highly skilled, therefore the band (composite item) is highly skilled
  • Something must be done. This is something. Therefore, this must be done
  • It doesn't matter if I get myself into debt. If I play the lottery enough, some day I'll win the jackpot, and then I can pay off all my debts.
  • No true Scotsman would do such a thing
  • Quoting out of context
  • the university (the whole) is 700 years old, therefore, all the staff (each part) are 700 years old
  • He is a fairly good pianist," according to the emphasis on the words
  • Joe is a good tennis player. Therefore, Joe is 'good', that is to say a 'morally' good person
  • Nothing is better than eternal happiness. Eating a hamburger is better than nothing. Therefore, eating a hamburger is better than eternal happiness.
  • Fear of a recession causes people to spend less, which reduces demand, causing a recession.
  • An actor cannot join the actor's union unless he has played a role in a union film, but a non-union actor cannot get a role in a union film because he isn't in the union.
  • increasing saving (or "thrift") is obviously good for an individual, since it provides for retirement or a "rainy day," but if everyone saves more, it may cause a recession by reducing consumer demand
  • A Boeing 747 can fly unaided across the ocean. A Boeing 747 has jet engines. One of its jet engines can fly unaided across the ocean.
  • That can't be true. Bob is not an embezzler, not now or ever. He simply wouldn't do such a thing. It's nonsense, a ridiculous claim on its face
  • Cutting people with a knife is a crime. Surgeons cut people with knives. Surgeons are criminals.
  • This topic has been discussed extensively, and everyone is tired of that discussion.
  • I can't believe this is possible, so it can't be true
  • John: Do you know any Spanish?
Jack: Of course. I speak it like a native.
John: That's good, because I need to know the Spanish phrase for "Happy Birthday".
Jack: Sorry, I don't have time for that right now. Maybe tomorrow. Bye.
  • A: "So instead of murdering your neighbour, did you go home and bake a pie which you donated to the Girl Scouts bake sale?"
W: "No"
A: "So you admit you murdered your neighbour!"
  • "Jane says she is not pregnant, but Bill says that she is. Jane is therefore exactly one-half pregnant."
  • "Jane and Bill are married. Jane believes they should be monogamous, but Bill would like to have an extramarital affair. As a compromise, Bill offers to be faithful on weekdays and only spend weekends with his lover."
  • "This behaviour is natural; therefore, this behaviour is morally acceptable
  • I know you think that I should be giving my money to the poor, but you've never been rich before. There are things about wealth that you don't understand.
  • A: President Williams lied in his testimony to Congress. He should not do that.
B: But you are ignoring the fact that President Roberts lied in his Congressional testimony!
  • A: Nude bathing is healthy and nude beaches should be permitted here.
B: No. That kind of free sex threatens the morality of society.
  • Surely a man as smart as you can see this is a brilliant proposal
  • You must have graded my exam incorrectly. I studied very hard for weeks specifically because I knew my career depended on getting a good grade. If you give me a failing grade I'm ruined!
  • It's funny you think you know so much about money, even though you're not an economist.
  • You should sleep with me to get back at him for cheating on you."
  • John Smith told the police he was at home alone on Friday night, but later said he was with friends at a bar; we can't take what he says about the crime at face value since he lied about his alibi."
  • The referee comes from the same place as (a sports team), so his refereeing was obviously biased towards them
  • The homeless tell us it’s hard to find housing. Thus it must be.
  • If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?
  • When I use a word, Humpty Dumpty said, "...it means just what I choose it to mean-neither more nor less."
  • Only if you first admit God exists, will your reasoning be considered
  • The "true meaning" of a word
  • Why–damn it–it's medieval,
  • It hasn't been proven false, so it must be true
  • What do you know about politics? You're too young to vote
  • Two is an even number or two is an odd number. Two is an even number. No number can be both even and odd. Therefore, it is not the case that two is an odd number.
  • All unicorns are animals, therefore some animals are unicorns.
  • I've seen John's brother steal something. John's family must be thieves.
  • If you are not with us, you are against us
  • Every person has a woman that is their mother. Therefore, there is a woman that is the mother of every person.
  • No fish are dogs, and no dogs can fly, therefore all fish can fly.
  • No mammals are fish. Some fish are not whales. Therefore, some whales are not mammals.
  • "There are a lot of car accidents on this road. We must reduce the number of car accidents. There would be no car accidents if we closed the road. Therefore we must close this road."
  • All cats are felines. All cats are mammals. Therefore, all mammals are felines.
  • I know who my father is. I do not know who the thief is. Therefore, my father is not the thief
  • "No, it is not possible that Bigfoot exists; I am quite certain of that"; and, (2) "Sure, Bigfoot possibly could exist"
  • Tom: "All cats are animals. Ginger is an animal. This means Ginger is a cat.".
Bill: "Ah you just committed the affirming the consequent logical fallacy. Sorry, you are wrong, which means that Ginger is not a cat".
  • I have now more chances than at the beggining, i should keep on beting
  • These anti-drunk driving ad campaigns are not going to work. People are still going to drink and drive no matter what.
  • either you stole the money or you didn't, which is it
  • "I would give money to the poor, but I believe that the world is so wonderful and rich that nobody can really be poor."
  • Why do young people all take drugs and go around mugging old ladies? You read about it in the paper all the time!
  • Linda is 31 years old, single, outspoken, and very bright. She majored in philosophy. As a student, she was deeply concerned with issues of discrimination and social justice, and also participated in anti-nuclear demonstrations.
Which is more probable?
  1. Linda is a bank teller.
  2. Linda is a bank teller and is active in the feminist movement.
  • Access to firearms should not be severely restricted, as access to kitchen knives is not severely restricted and yet, like firearms, they are sometimes used to kill innocent people.
  • Anne: "I am giving up extreme sports now that I have children. I think I will take up golf."
Bill: "I wouldn't do that. Do you remember Charles? He was playing golf when he got hit by a golf-cart. It broke his leg, and he fell over, giving himself a concussion. He was in hospital for a week and still walks with a limp. I would stick to paragliding!"
  • Our foreign policy has always helped other countries, except of course when it is against our National Interest...
  • A room is never either "hot" or "cold", because of the continuum of temperatures.
  • “Twenty seven years ago, Luis Alvarez first proposed that the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event was caused by an asteroid that struck the earth 65.5 million years earlier. This means the dinosaurs died out 65,500,027 years ago
  • Justice is blind; the blind cannot read printed laws; therefore, to print laws cannot serve justice.

What was the cause of this

  • Driving a wheelchair is dangerous, because most people who drive them have had an accident.
  • Nature must be gladsome when I was so happy
  • We must have missed the train because the conductor didn't want us on it


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