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Manifest 2009 - "NoMadHack"
Manifest 2009 - "NoMadHack"

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Manifest 2009 - "NoMadHack"

Inquiring into the silent silicon seas, recoding collaboratively, and attentive to the whispers in the optical fiber channels where the information never stops flowing looking desperately for a destination, we discovered this manifesto, written anonymously by the global society, in our network for the collection of our concerns, intentions and virtual feelings.

This year we are angrier than ever, and thus we meet in the hackmeeting ready for combat. It is not violence, though, but intelligent anger. We can not, and we do not want to develop a model for the cultural developement of socities like the one our governments (socialists or not) try to impose upon us, through their ministries of culture, industry, housing and foreign affairs. And even less, passively accept the virtual and exclussive supermarket built by the internet and telecom industries.

For us, it's that simple: "Culture and knowledge are not on sale". They want to take them from us because knowledge is power.

We already know the threats and we know the faces of the enemies of the free circulation of culture and information. We have discovered their non-stop game. The governments of the industrial world, occupied in the crisis that feed them, haven't even noticed that their neoliberal game will never end the way they planned.

They still insist on supporting the idea of the commodification of knowledge. In Europe, under the presidency of the Spanish state starting January 2010, the future of the neutrality of the net will be settled. Our rights are going to be exposed on a table to be operated upon by a few deputies influenced by international copyright lobby groups, united under the acronym 'ACTA'. Using our rights as a bargaining chip for their dark political interests, related to reaching an agreement to promote also the market of telephone operators and internet.

They want to forbid us access to the largest source of information gathered by humanity (which we are helping get born with all our illusion) in a campaign of mediatic, false, criminalizing terrorism we will not permit: downloading files from internet is and will always be legitimate, though the rulers and their mass media pretend otherwise. As ridiculous as it is to prosecute the developer of a file-sharing tool is to send warnings to users, threatening to cut their internet connections.

Of course all this remains to be seen ... We the citizens are down here. Aware of our reason and our rights, and prepared to defend through technology a truly intelligent human development, inmmune to the political intentions of governments rather mediocre and "disinterested".

The stablishment has not yet been able to commodify the internet as much as they want, but now they try to cut our wings.

Meanwhile, we are dedicated to creating a new universe: Artists and creators live together in a new paradigm for creating and sharing knowledge and letting it flow free. Our tools to fight for the safety of communication on earth are reaching their peak. Now more than ever, mankind keeps developing the fastest, most accesible, most widespread communicative weapon that has ever existed in the common memory of our societies.

We've already won because 'now' has always been our time for action.

"¡Organiza tu disidencia!"

NoMadHack09. 9-12 de Octubre. Patio Maravillas, Madrid

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