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CALL 4 NODES v.0.9

..:: experiment freedom ::..

                     ..::   INTRO   ::..

This message is a call for participation into the HackMeeting 2006 (taking place the 13th, 14th and 15th of October 2006 in Mataró, Spain) by means of proposing nodes around debate/work/activity/meetings, in order to put together, once again, a network of activities, conferences and encounters around hacktivism, cyberspace, telematics and its tecnopolitical dimensions. During a weekend of freedom we will summon the cyborg of masses that the HackMeeting (HM) is.

We've switched from the traditional call4papers to the call4nodes where participation is not restricted to just papers but to a wider range of media (workshops, conferences, round tables, expositions, posters, etc) that build-up the so-called nodes. As you may already know, the HM is actually a participative event where the breach between organizers and public melts into the necessity for collective self-managinging the encounter. Everybody is free to coordinate, present and collaborate a node in the HM. Thus we are looking forward watching you JOIN OUR NETWORK.

The HackMeeting will bloom in the constant struggle for the liberation of spaces and networks for knowledge circulation, for the recuperation of an eco-logicequilibrium between the biosphere and the technosphere. Recently we seen the approval of the Data Retention Act that menaces privacity on the net and free speech.

Even worse, the copyright european directive has started to be implanted in every member country, with the acceptance of the new LPI (Intellectual Property Law) as one of the disasters more closely affecting us. More over, the Digital Rights Management systems are now a reality so the flux of information is up to the control of international corporation and the copyright lobbies.

Not every new is bad, though: To last years' call for action in favour of free culture and freed technology, more than 15 direct actions have succeded against the lobbies for copyright and the cultural monopolies.

The GPL (General Public License) version 3 will soon be released, and this year will be three the round-the-world HackMeetings that will syncronize emissions towards the recyclement of our liberty (Chicago, Chile and Barcelona).

That is why this HM wants to defend the right for experimenting in freedom and the creation of new tecnopolitical spaces for collective, telematic and social creation, through hacktivism and “reality hacking”: the passion to overcome our individual limitations, (re)construct and auto-manage the social codes and spaces.

                ..::   WHEN AND WHERE   ::..

13, 14, 15 de Octubre, CSOA “La Fibra”, Mataró (El Maresme), Barcelona, Spain.

---> DEADLINE FOR NODE PROPOSALS: 1th - October - 2006 <---

                   ..::   TOPICS   ::..

The following are some of the topics that have been presented in past editions of the hackmeeting, or that we'd like to discuss during the upcoming, though they are not the only ones. We are always looking for new points of view and discoveries that you may be willing to show off, debates you may want to coordinate, ideas and techniques you wish to share...

  • Reality hacking
  • Copyleft
  • What our defences are against copyright
  • Self-managed wireless networks
  • Telematic counter-culture
  • Autonomous servers, ISPs and Data Centers
  • WSIS countersummit
  • The Social Semantic Grid
  • Free software: Gnu/Linux, Debian, etc.
  • Criptography and Steganography
  • Audio and video streaming
  • Design and mediactivism
  • Hacktivism
  • e-Government: Laws, Cibercrime, infopol, censoreship, ...
  • e-Corporations: copyright, patents, monopolies...
  • New technologies in and around education
  • Universal access to the net, knowledge and technology
  • Civil disobedience/Information Society
  • Ciberpunk
  • Artivism
  • Information guerrilla
  • Is machine squatting the same as building squatting?
  • Law advisory
  • Internet genealogy and its relationship to social movements
  • Hacker philosophy. Hackerism
  • Phreaking
  • Hacking
  • Privacity, e-anonimity
  • Hacklabs
  • Computer recycling
  • Installing GNU/Linux (install party)
  • Basics of TCP/IP and passwording
  • Reverse engineering
  • Virus creation and spreading. Viral ethics.
  • Cracking and anti-cracking
  • Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life
  • Cibernetics
  • Smart cards, Digital sign, e-DNI (e-NID).
  • Tips and tricks (taking power from the phone-line, building a PC-table with recycled materials...)
  • Techno Gymkana
  • Round tables. Brainstorming
  • Debates on books and texts
  • Cypherpunk, Anarcofuturism, Technoliberation
  • RadioFrequency Identification (RFID)
  • BlueSnarfing (Bluetooth Hacking)
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Human-to-Human (H2H) networks
  • Cypherpunk, Anarcofuturism, Technoliberation
                 ..::   MODALITIES   ::..

Modalities are all open. Some suggestions:

  • Posters (explaining and sinthesizing a group's activities, someone's ideas, or the results of a project/investigation)
  • Talks (about 1 and a half, or 2 hours each)
  • Workshops (about 2 or 3 hours each, with a more participative character)
  • Meetings for coordination
  • Round tables (360º)
  • Performances (theater, mobile expositions,)GPL material, old computers, ingenious inventions, new techniques...)
  • Expositions (GPL material, old computers, ingenious inventions, new techniques...)
  • And our (in)famous Technopagan Ceremony...

As well as the presential modalities, the HM will provide virtual participation, so video, audio, designs, code, text and translations are always welcome to be uploaded to the wiki and discussed in the mailing list.

            ..::  HOW TO PROMOTE A NODE  ::..

Every node proposal is commented in the mailing list of the HM: "hackmeeting@sindominio.net"

We thus suggest you to subscribe to the list at: "http://listas.sindominio.net/mailman/listinfo/hackmeeting" to start participating in the node/s of your choice and stood at the process that will follow your participation.

In any case, to promote a node you must send an e-mail with the following heading "[node] proposal_name" to these two addresses:

  • hackmeeting @ sindominio.net
  • charlas @ sindominio.net

(the latter is in charge of the coordination of the HM's timetables) In the body of the message we propose you to fill-in the following data according to the nature of your proposal:

Information for the public/attendants:

  • 0. Modality
    • a) Talk
    • b) Workshop
    • c) Round table
    • d) Poster
    • e) Exposition
    • f) Coordination meeting
    • g) Hands-on lab
    • h) Other
  • 1. Name of the author/facilitator/coordinator
  • 2. Title
  • 3. Abstract
  • 4. Keywords
  • 5. Required knowledge for attendants
  • 6. Structure and contents
  • 7. Methodology: exposition, debate, getting-hands-dirty, etc.
  • 8. Duration
  • 9. Bibliography, links, references (if any).

Information for coordination:

  • 10. Required material (including type of room/space, tables/chairs/beer/chainsaws/whatever).
  • 11. Preferred scheduling
  • 12. Certainty of attendancy (from 1 to 10)
  • 13. Documents or archives related to the node (software, presentations/text/video/audio files,...)

            ..:: OTHER MEANS OF PARTICIPATION  ::.. 

Apart from the nodes, any other ways of participating are welcome and necessary, such as bringing/lending/donating material, wiki-editing, activity coordination, streaming, cooking, translating, etc.

For further information, please refer to the mailing list where the Assembly is meeting virtually and permanently: "hackmeeting@listas.sindominio.net" You may subscribe at: "http://listas.sindominio.net/mailman/listinfo/hackmeeting"

            ..::    FURTHER INFORMATION    ::..

The first Hackmeeting was hold in Fiorenza in 1998. Since then, it has been cellebrated anually in Italy (the last italian Hm along with all the previous links are put together at http://hackmeeting.org).

The first spanish-speaking hackmeeting in Europe was hold in Barcelona[6], followed by the 2001 edition at Leioa-Euskadi [7], the 2002 at Madrid [8], the 2003 at Iruña [9], the 2004 at Seville [10] and the 2005 at the island of Menorca [11].

Should you require any further information, you may write to the following mailing list: hackmeeting@sindominio.net or else visit straight the event's webpage: http://sindominio.net/hackmeeting

                       Hackmeeting 2006
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