Statement of frassanito-network to Barcelona action and arrests

The action against the Detention centre in construction of La Vernada, Barcelona, organized by activists from Spain and other European countries, addressed one of the main symbols of the European border regime.

The Frassanito network, that participated to the Caravan for Freedom of movement in Barcelona, stresses its solidarity to the comrades arrested and detained after the action. We believe that - what happened in Barcelona - shows that it is necessary to take a step forward, to strengthen the European dimension of the struggle against these centres. But also against their externalization. Neighbouring countries such as Morocco, Libya and the former Yugoslavia are increasingly involved in controlling European borders and in managing migration, as the events of last November in Ceuta and Melilla showed.

Detention centres are one of the crucial institutions of a global system of borders and migration management. It is not simply aimed at keeping migrants and refugees outside Europe, but at controlling their access and promoting a selective and hierarchical recruitment.

Their function is strictly connected with the process of illegalization of migrants through a chain of borders. One of these mechanisms is the link between labour contract and residence permit, which is becoming a homogeneous criterion of access in all European countries.

The struggle against detention centres and their externalization, for the unconditional legalization of all migrants in Europe and against the exploitation of migrants labour through the link between the labour contract and the residence permit, will occupy again the European political space during the :: 3rd European day of Action. All migrants? struggles inside and against this migration regime can find, during this date, a moment of political communication and organization. We will work so that the 3rd European day of action should become a common moment of struggle under the mark of the social protagonism of migrants!

:: Frassanito Network